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Yum! Mousse au Chocolat is so delicious.


We develop projects, which we believe in, on our own. Sometimes, driven by teams or individuals, looking to join a network to boost their momentum or from scratch after internal studies. In various forms and many ways.


Some projects are opportunity driven, while others are the result of a careful market analysis. Sometimes, it's the personality of the founders, sometimes the vision or technology which attracts us. Tenacity and vision are key to entrepreneurial success. Strategy and execution are crucial. Fun and passion mandatory.


Yes, we know. Perfection is hard to achieve. Success has many dimensions. But your project, whether a decentralized app, smart contract or DAO should reflect your drive, your ambition and your aim for excellence. A decentralized system should always be prepared to handle the exception and deliver better services at lower costs. And it should reflect a desire to improve our lifes and the world we share.


All ventures benefit from our international network of experts and supporters. We consider our partners to be clients and our customers to be partners. Together, we aim to leverage our excellent contacts to the international investor, founder and developer community.


Consider us a company builder.

NSA field station in Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany, SnaPsi xyzzy

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