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Blockchain Angels Germany

Before token sales and ICO's became popular for fund raising, it was challenging for blockchain projects to raise funds for their projects.

Sven Laepple and Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures, UK teamed up for Blockchain Angels Germany 2016. Goal was to provide fundraising support to blockchain projects and present these investment opportunities to business angels and investors. Jamie first gave insights in blockchain technology and afterwards findings from operating the largest blockchain projects database with nearly one thousand blockchain projects worldwide. 

For 2017, few international blockchain projects were invited to come to Berlin. Here are the teams from 2016, and further below, from 2017:


Blockchain Angels Germany 2016

These international start-ups were selected to present their blockchain projects in Berlin:

Agriledger, Jersey

Genevieve Leveille, co-founder, presented AgriLedger. This philanthropic initiative is dedicated to empower small farmers across the globe. Agriledger uses a distributed ledger or blockchain in combination with a mobile app.

Bitbond, Germany

CEO and founder Radoslav Albrecht presented Bitbond. Bitbond from Berlin provides inclusive microfinance on a global scale. It had in 2016 over 1,200 loans with borrowers from 68 countries and 32% of the loan volume was originated in emerging markets like India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Mamuro, Germany

Rhian Lewis as co-founder presented with her team Mamuro. Mamuro protects what you love. Give your valuables their own digital identity and write immutable proof of your ownership to the Ethereum blockchain. Whether your bike with or you boat, handbag, guitar — or even drone — using Mamuro’s app.

Satoshipay, Germany

Meinhard Benn, founder and CEO of Satoshipay presented his project. SatoshiPay processes nanopayment transactions, initially in the form of bitcoins or satoshis, a smaller unit of Bitcoin. The company is currently developing a two-way payment platform that will allow content providers to charge consumers a small fee (as low as one satoshi or a fraction of a cent) to read, watch, or listen to content.

Tramonex, UK

Amine Berraoui, founder and CEO presented his project Tramonex. Tramonex provides its clients with an online platform allowing cross border payments execution. In fast moving and often volatile environment, you need more than the best rates, you need speed and flawless operational execution. The Tramonex platform comes with both built in, with a highly experienced international team to support you. Tramonex also offers tailored solutions to suit the needs of your business, such as recurrent or future payments.

XBT Corp, Switzerland

Gavin Smith, CEO and Marcie Termin presented XBT Corp (First Global Credit). XBT Corp from Geneva, Switzerland allows bitcoin holders to use the value of their cryptocurrency in the same way other traders use fiat currency to create profit potential. Customers use bitcoins as assets to generate returns trading stocks, EFTs, precious metals, commodities and stock market indices. your bitcoins stay yours, as long as your trade activities are profitable., Estonia

Erki Koldits, CEO and founder, presented . provides zero-click micropayments to the web. Their solution enables online publishers, for the first time, to sell individual articles for 0.10–1€ in a completely frictionless manner. Customers pay at the end of the month with their mobile bill.

Blockchain Angels Germany 2017

In 2017, we had again some awesome teams presenting their blockchain projects. We carefully selected them, each representing another blockchain space and another region.

Neufund, Germany

Neufund‘s tech & legal platform enables the creation and operation of a new kind of VC fund. Neufund will enable investors to access a diverse deal flow while keeping their investments fully liquid.

Starbase, Japan

Starbase is developing a token funding and payment platform. By using Starbase, innovators can issue tokens and sell these to raise funds on a global scale. These tokens can later be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Starbase provides legal and tax support.

Bitnation, USA

Bitnation is the World’s First Virtual Nation — A Blockchain Jurisdiction. Nation State Governments have failed to keep up with the technologies that are transforming our lives. The Internet has radically interconnected our world and Blockchain technology allows us to choose to govern ourselves for the way we want to live now: peer-to-peer, more locally and globally.

Dent Wireless, HongKong

Dent Wireless, a token-based solution for mobile roaming. A new token, which will allow you to roam for little in foreign markets with your mobile and make big savings. Dent want users to own their mobile data and bandwidth. They need to be able to freely sell or donate unused data to other users world-wide.

Vaagnar, Germany

ASTRATUM presented its Project VAAGNAR, a New Mobility solution. It decentralizes Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) for autonomous drone management, decentralized with blockchain and smart contracts. ASTRATUM has been founding member of the Distributed Sky Alliance. Further information and Whitepaper of the developed solution is available on request.

VAAGNAR - Fleet Operator Dashboard WM 0.
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