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You need to understand relevant disruptive technologies, or want to challenge your concepts in a professional environment, getting insights and feedback from experts with hands-on experience. Possibly, you prefer to keep your brand below the radar and still benefit from experimenting early on with experimental technologies in an open environment. What about exchanging ideas and experience with representatives from other industries, to explore what insights they have and what innovative implementations they came up with?

We use a range of different formats, customized according to your needs and your know-how about disruptive technologies. We design specific expert roundtables and workshop for you. Thus, you get fast in an efficient way an overview about new paradigms like decentralization and new technologies like, blockchain, smart contracts, dapps, DAO's, consensus mechanisms, cryptocurrencies, tokens. We discuss new business models and their impact on your industry and your target market. From various angles, whether from the strategic, marketing, technological or business point of view. 

Contact us to discuss what format fits best to your needs:

ASTRATUM ADG BSS18 Schloss.jpeg

Our three-day Blockchain Summer School 2018 (BSS18) at the beautiful German castle Montabaur, just 30 minutes in speedtrain from the Frankfurt or Cologne airports away, covered theory and practice. We collaborated for the BSS18 with the Management Academy ADG and provided a great mix of theoretical and hands-on knowledge about distributed technologies to decision makers, finance executives and entrepreneurs. We had a wide range or recognized blockchain industry experts joining us to deliver a unique experience to the participants.


The BSS18 participation certificates were registered on the blockchain and can be verified whenever needed. Read more about our Blockchain Summer School here.

Our Blockchain Angels event was a satellite event at the Tech Open Air, Berlin and co-organized with Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures, UK to bring selected international blockchain start-ups pitching in front of business angels, corporates and investors.

Thanks to Agriledger (Jersey), Bitbond (Germany), Mamuro (Germany, UK), Satoshipay (Germany), Tramonex (UK), XBT Corp (Switzerland) and (Estonia) for coming, and thanks to Seedlab and Delodi for their support. More details here.

Our Bitcoin and Blockchain workshop with top executives from the finance industry gives some cultural, economical and technological insight into bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts. Thanks to all participants for their desire to learn more about all this. We are proud having hosted representatives from the largest German financial institutions from their segment.

Our regular "Blockchain Dine & Talk" in Berlin gives since 2016 top executives from the finance industry the opportunity to discuss with recognized blockchain experts in an informal way any questions they may have related to blockchain, smart contracts and tokens or cryptocurrencies.


Thanks to Alex Lange from Earlybird VC, Meinhard Benn from Satoshipay, Moritz Cremer from Bitbond, Christoph Mussenbrock from Etherisc and Dominik Schiener from IOTA for their support.

Innovators from global market leaders in their industry, corporates, students from the MIT Fintech class, geeks, developers and curious minds learn at our hands-on workshop with an international expert like David about blockchain, Ethereum, the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and smart contract programming. 

We organized in 2017 tthe ICO17 in Berlin, a blockchain event around Initial Coin Offerings or ICO as a new way of corporate financing. Experts from ASTRATUM, Bundesverband Blockchain, DWF, Earlybird, Ethfinex, Innovationsforum and Windingtree were discussing this new financial instrument from various angles.

The “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO) or "token sale" was pioneered by Mastercoin and widely popular with the token sale of Ethereum. Funding is raised from the public by issuing tokens.

Read more about the ICO17 and catch an idea about the atmosphere here.

We organize since 2016 non-commercial tech events for the developer community. The DappHack in Berlin was co-organized by Sven, Ksenya and Johannes. DappHack was an un-conference and hackathon, focussing on decentralized apps. Developers of the most awesome decentralization projects presented their projects. This is what decentralized systems are made off today:

Thanks to David's Java Library, Oraclize, BigChainDB, IPFS, OrbitDB, DAT, Parity, Swarm, Alexandria, Secure Scuttlebut. Since we also considered legal aspects to be elementary for the design of decentralized solutions, we hosted also legal blockchain experts like Nina Siedler from DLA Piper and Florian Glatz from Thanks also to Christian from the Agora Collective for supporting DApphack and hosting the event in Berlin. More details here.

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