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When you want more than the talk!

ASTRATUM is an interdisciplinary one-stop-shop, specialized in blockchain-based business models and registered as GmbH (equivalent to an LLC) in Baar, Switzerland (Cryptovalley).

We develop blockchain strategies, solutions and ventures according to highest professional standards. ASTRATUM uses a set of strategic tools, proven processes and start-up methodologies. ASTRATUM manages projects according to agile methodologies with near-shoring partners for software development, focussing itself on the strategy and concept development, technology evaluation, business modeling, project- , stakeholder- and quality management. Each project teams is put together individually for each project, according to its nature and required skills.


ASTRATUM runs since 2014 its own research in blockchain and cryptoeconomics, which helped gathering deep insights into blockchain projects worldwide. 

ASTRATUM pioneered blockchain solutions for enterprises by developing and implementing in 2016 for one of the largest carmakers worldwide an end-to-end a New Mobility solution, built with ethereum and its smart contracts, connecting it to the car electronics and mobile handsets. The solution consisted of a consumer facing app, a dashboard for transparency, wallets and smart contracts as well as a device to interact with the car electronics.


ASTRATUM GmbH was founded by Sven Laepple, who is since over two decades into digital innovation. Sven has an MBA from the University Mannheim, Germany (DKFM), and studied blockchain, cryptocurrencies and fintech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (MIT) and the University of Nicosia, Cyprus (UNic). Sven is also co-founder of the German Blockchain Association "Bundesblock" and board advisor to the European Blocktech Federation EBTF. Further, he held lectures at the University of Cologne, Germany on Innovation and on blockchain and fintech at the Akademie der Genossenschaften (ADG), Montabaur, Germany.

Prior, Sven had senior management roles in strategy, technology and marketing at Vodafone Global, Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems International. During his professional career, he advised well-known companies like Accenture, Air France, Bank Austria, HUGO BOSS, SAP, Telefonica O2, T-Mobile International, Volkswagen Financial Services and more on digital innovation and new business models. He is former co-founder and executive board member of Blue C AG, a former interactive integrator and incubator, which did a public offering (IPO) in 2000 at the Neue Markt in Frankfurt, Germany. Blue C was based in Vienna, Austria and had an international presence with seven offices across Europe. A pioneer in online community, virtual exchanges and prediction markets and a focus on banking and telecommunications. Further, Blue C pioneered the market segmentation for internet by applying the results of Sven's research on "Generation X" and market segmentation methodologies within a global context, carried out at various universities in the USA. Sven has also been active as business angel on several occasions.


Experienced and enthusiastic

You want to explore new business models, new technologies, possibly reinvent your company or some business processes. One partner to talk too, to get things done. That's what really helps. Your challenges, and our capabilities. Our team consists of awesome experts with impressive track records in innovation, management, execution, consulting, research and entrepreneurship. We know corporates, financial services and start-ups from within.

Our expertise and passion for innovation and disruptive technologies and what it means for you makes us a great partner for great teams and great companies. 

Just say hello and we're there for you. 

We are founding member of the Blockchain Association Germany "Bundesblock" (Bundesverband Blockchain), member of European Council of ICO Self-regulation and founding member of the "Distributed Sky Alliance". ASTRATUM is Industry Partner of the Technical University TU Berlin and organizes a meetup group about cryptoeconomics with nearly 700 members.

Further, we are also advisor to the board of the European Blocktech Federation in Brussels (EBTF). EBTF is a registered blocktech federation, founded by 13 European blockchain and fintech associations and registered in Brussels, Belgium.

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