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We love chocolate!

Developing strategies to apply, when facing potential disruption.


Evaluating and developing relevant business models, technologies or offerings.


Evaluating blockchain or other disruptive innovations and their impact on your market.

Defining and developing blockchain and converging tech projects and services.

Defining and managing the end2end development of blockchain-based solutions.


Creating an innovation pipeline for you.


Helping to integrate new products into your portfolio.

Helping to avoid pitfalls in this new technology space.


Advising, where to invest or cooperate with, and how.

Helping to prepare your organization on changes ahead.


Mousse au Chocolat!

Interdisciplinary challenges need an interdisciplinary approach. Our services range from developing the right approach for your needs, defining with you the right strategy to achieve the desired results, evaluate and use the proper technology and having all along a smart marketing approach. Our expertise range from strategy, technology and marketing. We combine creativity, passion, expertise and entrepreneurship to deliver true innovation.

Decentralization and cryptography is the most disruptive combination of technologies currently under the sun. It reshapes business models and business processes in dramatic ways. A new foundational layer. This even more, if combined with other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence. No way to escape the Internet 2.0.


You need to understand early on what disruptive innovations means for your organization in order to take the right strategic decisions: how the competitive landscape will change, economically, technologically and culturally. How your portfolio needs to be adapted, what technologies are relevant and how best to use them.

In order to take the right strategic decisions, you need to understand early on what blockchain and other new technologies mean for your company, your industry, your business: how your competitive landscape will change, economically, technologically and culturally. What this means for your business model, your revenues, your enterprise. How your portfolio needs to be adapted, enriched and developed. What technologies are out there, what this means and how best to use and implement them for your needs.

We walk for you and with you along the entire workflow to get you where you want to move to: from strategy development to building prototypes, products and companies.


We show you where the ocean is blue. Consider us your innovation team on demand.

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