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Sometimes, companies are better advised to create innovative projects outside of their organisations. Internal pushback due to politics, efficiency gains, potential cannibalization, lack of resources, uncertainty or cultural reasons are just some of the reasons, why it may be better to develop innovative propositions externally. Sometimes, this is called excubation.


Our expertise provides you the necessary freedom and protection to explore new markets and launch new products without being limited by existing walls.


Consider us an external workbench.

You will face many hurdles, when trying to build decentralized systems, using blockchain, advanced protocols and smart contracts. Remember, this innovative push is threedimensional in its nature: it represents a cultural, technological and economical innovation.

Most talented blockchain developers are true innovators and thus have alsoa cultural motivation. They may find a corporate culture too rigid and risk-averse to deliver true innovation.


Does your mission fits with theirs? 

Think about the technological aspect of blockchain. Compliancy rules and fragmented processes across competing units may widen the distance between the required skillsets to experiment with blockchain systems.

Do you have an idea-inspiring environment to play with the technology in order to learn what works and what not? Now, and not in 3 years time? really?

At the end, the big gains with this new technology go beyond process automation. The big gains are new business models with new propositions for new markets. A Blue Ocean strategy. These new business models are based on algorithms, need the right incentivization of blockchain members, and thus blend game theory and economics.


Further, their development requires a high degree of imagination, since these solutions will have to compete in new markets for the next years. You need to anticipate dramatic shifts in demographics, consumer behaviour, economics and politics. Just to name a few. Also, you need to project existing and emerging technologies into the future and understand how future markets may look like. 

And when you consider the maturity of the technology, there are still risks involved. Do you want your brand to be exposed to those risks or do you prefer to wait some years until the new technology stack has been standardized? Remember, NOKIA was global market leader in mobile phones. Then came the iPhone, first considered by some incumbents as amusement. Three years later, they were history.

You simply can't afford not starting to explore the full potential of blockchain and decentralized system. Somewhere out there, you have already teams working on disrupting your market.

Freedom nurtures creativity, and creativity nurtures imagination. Imagination being the most precious ingredient for truly innovative ideas. Dare to disrupt, dare to cannibalize your products. Don't leave this to your invisible competitor.

We believe that excubation of innovation is a model, which brings you the most value when truly innovating.


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